GFFT starts consortium project together with Trimetis GFB to design a sustainable test data management.


Leverage our expertise in test data management as one of the leading providers in Germany.


Innovative Know-how and technologies in software testing, test automation and RPA.

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GFFT-Workshop: Test Data Management für Testverantwortliche bei Porsche

Oberursel, 21.02.2020 – Nicht erst seit der Verschärfung der Datenschutzregelungen nimmt die Bedeutung anonymisierter und synthetischer Testdaten signifikant zu. Ohne geeignete Daten können keine Tests durchgeführt werden und gerade die Suche nach geeigneten Testdaten beansprucht oft sehr viel wertvolle Zeit. Angesichts von immer komplexer werdenden IT-Landschaften und agilen Vorgehensmodellen mit schnelleren Release-Zyklen, aber auch der Einhaltung neuerer Datenschutz-Vorschriften müssen die Unternehmen ihren Umgang mit Testdaten überprüfen und hinterfragen.

Das Testdatenmanagement zielt auf die bedarfsgerechte, automatisierte und kontinuierliche Bereitstellung von Testdaten. Im Rahmen des Konsortialprojektes erarbeiten ausgewiesene Experten für interessierte Testabteilungen eine zukunftsfähige Lösung und einen Methodenbaukasten zur Prozessverbesserung.

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Testing: The quality of your software is crucial for your business success

The success of your company depends on the unrestricted availability of your services and processes. Any change to the software carries the risk of disruption to your business operations. You can control this risk efficiently by testing methodically before going live.

With its subsidiary Trimetis GFB, Trimetis has a team of test experts who have many years of experience in all areas of testing and outsourcing. At the same time, Trimetis has an extensive national and international network. Thanks to the entrepreneurial culture combined with short decision-making processes, Trimetis can react flexibly and resilient to the requirements of its customers and deliver solutions for complex and critical customer requirements within a very short time. The success of our customers is our top priority and we are happy to be measured by that.

Test Data Management

Trimetis GFB Test Data Management 

As recently new data protection regulations and requirements have come up, anonymized and synthetic test data are becoming increasingly important. Without suitable data, tests cannot be performed.
And the generation of suitable test data in particular often takes up a lot of valuable time. With release cycles getting shorter and shorter, the availability of valid test data becomes a crucial bottleneck. We can solve the problem and support you in setting up and operate a professional test data management with legally compliant and high quality test data.

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We don’t stop until you have achieved success.

This is the motto that we apply every time. In different projects for well-known customers we have demonstrated that this is the foundation of success — because your success is our success, resulting in long-term partnerships.

We are people who deliver solutions.


The following is just a small selection of successfully projects delivered by different Trimetis GFB teams.