About us

Trimetis GFB IT- Consulting GmbH

Backing up our enterprise with a strong leadership team — Executive directors are Mag. Peter Laggner (CEO) and Ulfert Rotermund (CSO).


People with solutions

We employ people embracing open communication, a basic requirement for creating user-friendly solutions. That is why communication skills, ability to work under pressure and determination are important aspects when choosing our employees. In a working partnership our team and your employees interact with a view to their common goal.


Skilfully combining expertise, creativity, and intuition is necessary to achieve high-quality and successful results. We really care about the problems we have to solve and take on the challenge of delivering the optimum customised result to you. To that end, we review the requirements and, by leveraging what is technically possible, devise an overall concept by offering innovative in-house developments.

Our success history

In 2012 GFB EDV Consulting und Services GmbH celebrated being in business for 20 years.
What started as a spin-off of a software training company has over the years, developed into a consultancy business with a comprehensive range of competencies. Trimetis GFB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trimetis AG. Managing directors are Mag. Peter Laggner (CEO) and Ulfert Rotermund (CSO).

Further information about Trimetis AG you find under the following link:  www.trimetis.com


Optimum solutions drive from striving to get to the best possible result. With a continuous eye of the future, we find the best way to deliver to you.

One thing, however, has always remained unchanged:

Our continuing drive to lead the way in this constantly evolving market with expertise and ideas to provide our customers with solutions to meet their needs and ever growing expectations.

Quality, competency, passion, and performance.

We go all out for you.

Training and development make perfect

Our employees never stop training and development to ensure that your solutions always meet the newest standards and to leverage the optimum potential for you.

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